Inspiration for your Summer Elopement

July 21, 2022

The summer wedding season is nearing its end, but I wanted to extend it just a little to bring you some fresh ideas. There are endless options, and with a little magic and research, you can find the perfect fit! Let’s find that inspiration for your summer elopement!

san diego coast


SCENIC FOREST: trees are as timeless as love. Pick your favorite wooded area and set up a few twinkling lights around if it is dense. Bathe in the forest sounds as you read your vows.

ROCKY COAST: this area has the potential to be more secluded than a sandy beach. Make sure to pack appropriate footwear from a rocky climb!

MOUNTAIN BACKDROP: this is a classic. No matter what angle you are standing, you will have a majestic backdrop. Choose sunrise or sunset for additional epic photos and a sense of wonder.

HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE: talk about a private elopement. Take to the skies with the love of your life to express your love and take time in the quiet to bask in the moment. You can find a hot air balloon elopement package here!

NATIONAL PARK: this is wonderful because there are so many to choose from! plan a mini road trip, find a photographer in the area that is familiar with the most secluded spots and tie the knot!

At the end of the day, where you chose to say “I do” only needs to make sense to the two people who will walk beyond that day into the marriage. There is a lot of elopement inspiration out in the world. Start your list!

If you want to work with me, you can find me here!! I work in the Smoky Mountains, and travel across the United States to cultivate magical memories.

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