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I'm Jaimie - Your professional hype woman!

I am a momma to two wild humans and three dogs. Life is way too short and wish I could bottle every special moment of my kiddos lives. (If someone could invent that, I would be the first to buy it!) Since that is currently an impossible feat, I try to capture every moment I can with pictures.

I was born on an army base in Germany and moved around a lot before landing in beautiful East Tennessee. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of memories living anywhere other than Tennessee, but what I do have are photographs that I treasure. I love being able to look at those photos and keep those memories alive. 

Photos to me are like looking back in the past and seeing and feeling the emotion you had in that exact moment. Think about a picture of an athlete who just won gold, a mom seeing her newborn baby for the first time, or even a groom watching his partner walk down the aisle... You can FEEL their emotions through those images right? To me that is what photography is all about. I want the time we spend together to be some of the most easy and natural moments, so that I can capture your real, raw emotions.

Well hello there, friend!

I want you to be able to look through your photos in 30 years and feel the emotions you felt on that day and in that moment. There are so many things to stress about leading up to your photo shoot, don't make photos one of them. I want to make sure you are relaxed, guided, and having fun while in front of the camera!

Capturing Raw, Real Joy During Your Session

Jaimie is one of the greatest people I have ever met, never mind the beautiful photos she took. I was overwhelmed by rain and wedding disasters, and Jaimie did nothing but try to keep me calm and keep me smiling. She helped make my wedding day absolutely beautiful and full of love. I could not have picked a better photographer.

- tiffany

We had the pleasure of hiring Jaimie for both our engagement and wedding pictures. Jaimie’s kind and easy going demeanor put us both at ease throughout the whole process. Jaimie is professional and a great communicator from our first interaction until far beyond our wedding day to ensure we loved our photos. Our photos are truly breathtaking! Jaimie’s talent and passion for photography shine through each picture and I am so happy with each of them!




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My photography focuses on intentional photos that tell your unique story, all the real emotion, happiness and excitement. I am not one for stuffy posing. My goal is honest documentation of your emotions to make magical memories and keep them alive for years to come!

Cool Thing Alert: Being a Knoxville-based photographer means I have the Great Smoky Mountains in my backyard and I have a permit to shoot there.

If you are the kind of couple or family ready for an adventure and an epic mountain backdrop... You're in the right place!

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