The Role of Your Wedding Photographer

June 10, 2022

The role of your wedding photographer is more than just showing up with a camera. Wedding Season is officially in full force my friends! As someone who revels in magical moments, I wanted to take some time and explain how I show up for you, as the wedding photographer you chose to capture the start of your forever. 

My Role:

Listen to your vision. Even if it changes. It is your day.

Learn about you as a couple. I want to capture who you are.

Show up before the event. I believe the preparation is as much a part of the special memories as the event, because of this I will be there early.

Be Present During the Event. Showing up is different than being there. I will be there, the entire time.  

Artistically capture you and your people in a way that allows you to relive that moment in your heart every time you look at it. 

Give clear direction to your bridal party and family. I’ve done this for a while. This means I know how to advise your great aunt against the 6 different family set’s only she would like.

Wedding Season Sunset

My hope for you this wedding season is that you find a wedding photographer who understands how to show up in a way that feels aligned to who you are as a couple. I hope your day is filled with magic and that the pictures you look back on burst with the emotion and joy that you felt in those moments. Capturing the start of forever is not an easy job, but it is one that I love. 

If you want to work with me, you can find me here!! I work in the Smoky Mountains, and travel across the United States to cultivate magical memories.

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