Smoky Mountain Engagement Session

September 21, 2021

A year later and I am still loving this sweet couple’s Smoky Mountain Engagement Session! And the best part? I get to capture their wedding this weekend!

Because of that, I wanted to share not only their gorgeous engagement session but also a little bit of their love story! It is adorable and includes Bryce proposing not once, but twice!

Bryce and Ellie met through her sister’s ex-boyfriend which also happened to be Bryce’s former roommate. Ellie had met him once and thought he was cute. So, when the time was right she had her sister set up a “meeting” where they would “happen” to both be at her apartment at the same time. Ellie found out later that Bryce knew the plan the entire time but obviously he didn’t care too much and still came!

After they left her sister’s house that night, Bryce texted Ellie and asked her on a date! They went for sushi and then walked around for hours. Then after the third date, they were inseparable! After 6 years and nonchalantly showing Bryce rings through those years, they finally picked one out! Ellie wanted the proposal to be a surprise so after picking it out she left it all up to him.

She thinks his plan was to propose at his grandparent’s remote cabin where they planned to go the weekend of July 4th but ended up not being able to go. She already thought that was his plan because they had plans to see a bunch of his family that evening, but when the day came she couldn’t help herself and asked if he had been planning to propose. He seemed a bit nervous and asked if she wanted him to go ahead and do it. So he did! They tried to make it seem organic by having her go outside and him come to her and propose. Of course she said YES! And a few hours later they were able to show off their ring and announce to his family.

Feeling like the proposal wasn’t romantic enough, the next month they went to the beach. Bryce brought his Bluetooth speaker down to the beach at sunset. They were listening to music and he pointed at the sky talking about how pretty it was. When she turned around he was down on one knee AGAIN and asked her to marry him again. That time it took her by surprise and was a little extra special moment for them to remember! And what a fun story to tell right?

And here we are a year later and it’s almost their wedding day! I can not wait to capture more of their love story!

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