Big Wedding vs Small Wedding: The Ultimate Wedding Question

May 14, 2021

If you are starting to plan your wedding and you already feel stuck on whether to choose a big wedding vs a small wedding for your special day… you are not alone. And guess what? There is no right answer!

I have heard both sides of the story. People who loved their big wedding and people who wish they had gone with an intimate day. And then others say they loved their small wedding day while some say they regret not going big!

Ultimately it is your choice because it’s YOUR day! To help ease the decision making process a bit, I have gathered up some of the main benefits of having a large or intimate wedding.

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Big Weddings

When making a decision of a bog wedding vs a small wedding, there are always going to be pros and cons to either choice. Below you’ll find the benefits and the downfalls of big weddings.


  • Invite anyone you want
  • Meet minumum spend with vendors easily
  • Have lots of people willing to help out
  • Always a party on the dance floor
  • Go as grand as you wish with your plans


  • Usually a bigger budget
  • Lots more voice trying to tell you how you should plan your day
  • Larger and more difficult planning process
  • Normally have to stay local or where most your friends and family are since tons of people can’t always travel to a destination wedding.
  • Less time spent with each guest in order to get time with everyone.
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Small Weddings


  • Usually a smaller budget
  • Easier planning process; planning your wedding exactly how you want without as many judgements of others.
  • You could travel somewhere special
  • Spend more time with your closest family and friends
  • Quality over quantity in every detail of the day


  • Smaller guest list means more disappointed people not invited.
  • May have to pay extra for vendors since you won’t meet their minimums or have a more limited vendor selection.
  • Could be less of a party depending on the vibe of the guests.
  • Less hands at the ready to help out, but also normally less grand details to plan and execute.
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No matter if you choose a big wedding vs a small wedding, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day you will still be married to the love of your life!

Happy wedding planning, friend. You got this!

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