Knoxville Wedding Photographer: Alaina + Zach's Sparkling Winter Fairy Tale Wedding


Alaina + Zach’s Wedding, like their romance, was an unexpected fairy tale. “Zach and I met in law school. The entire first year we were in every class together, but we didn't really like each other all that much,” says Alaina. A few years later, Zach proposed to Alaina on the beach singing the same song he sang at their wedding.

As for their decor, they went for simple sophistication. “I was never one of those girls who had their weddings planned out from the time they were like 12...Zach chose the burgundy secondary color to go with the green that I chose. We wanted sophisticated yet more simple for our wedding. And then I ended up finding a princess dress to wear, so it kind of morphed into a little bit more of a fairy tale type of wedding, too.” So Alaina added glitter Keds, a sparkling tiara, and a sequined veil to her Cinderella-style wedding dress for the perfect princess style.

Simple winter florals included pinecones, white florals, and greenery - on the cake, in the bouquets, and in their monogrammed ceremony backdrop. After a heartfelt ceremony and reception, Alaina and Zach left to a sparkler send-off toward their Happily Ever After.

Megan CraigComment