California | Pacific Coast Highway

I've dreamt of visiting California for years, okay... FINE, I lived in California for about a year when I was 2 or 3 and I haven't been back since...until recently that is. We talked about this trip for years...four years to be exact. The last weekend in March Nadeem and I set out on an adventure to travel down the coast of California- starting off with a half day in San Francisco before we headed to Napa for a full day of wine country. After, Napa we spent two days driving down the coast and exploring before we hoped on a plane at LAX for home. If you ever get the chace to travel down the coast of California do NOT turn it down. The views are absolutely breathtaking, the hiking trails in Big Sur are so much fun, and because of the lack of cellphone service it's a wonderful way to get a super work focused man to put down his phone and spend some quality time with you! I'm so excited to share some photos from our trip with you and excited to see where our next adventure might be.