Happy Wednesday!!

It's halfway through the week and I have some exciting news!
This is a blog I've been dreaming about writing for a while. Not only did we finally get to go on a trip we have been talking about for YEARS but...

Nadeem and I are ENGAGED!

(Photo by Alex Bee Photo)

(Photo by Alex Bee Photo)

You heard me right! After almost 5 years together, a house, and three furbabies I am so excited to be marrying my best friend.

A little back story:

Nadeem and I met through mutual friends while he was living in Nashville..."a secret admirer" as my friend Amanda put it. Amanda told him about her new roommate and being the overly confident person that he is he sent her home with a teddy bear (from a secret admirer). We started talking via facebook after another friend of ours told me who sent the teddy bear and never stopped. He lived in Nashville for about 3 months until his job moved him to Indianapolis for two years. That's right...the first TWO years of our relationship was long distance so, whoever said long distance never works is wrong. It wasn't easy it was more difficult the busier we both got but through up and downs as any relationship would have we made it work. We bought our first house a little over a year ago and took the trip we have been talking about for the past 4 years last week.

The Proposal:

For the proposal to make any sense you have to first know my Nadeem. He loves restoring old vehicles and has been working on restoring a mustang years before I met him (he's still working on it). After we bought our house we decided we needed a practical car, you know, suitable for hauling trash and anything else that needed to be done around the house. His vehicle of choice...a 1966 Chevy pickup... another fixer upper (don't get me wrong the truck is awesome) but we didn't need another fixer upper at the time. He assured me it runs just fine and that it just needed some cosmetic fixes: the truck didn't make it home after he bought it. He's been working on it ever since. On to the proposal...

As I was scrambling to pack the bags for our California trip, get the dogs ready to go to my parent's house, trying to find time to cut his hair and making sure we didn't forget something Nadeem was downstairs "cleaning the garage a bit" (he's a terrible packer so him being downstairs didn't bother me). He came upstairs and asked me to help him for a minute because he couldn't get the truck back in the garage...it wouldn't start. (insert smiley with fumes coming out of the ears here)  I said "sure" and begrudgingly went downstairs to help. As I sat inside the truck trying to get it to start he was under the hood saying "are you turning the key" (if you know me at all you would understand how annoyed I was at that point in time) I said "YES, I'm turning the key" and he came around to tell me I was doing something wrong...or so I thought...he was quiet...for too long and I turned my head and he had this sweet smile on his face (I though he was smiling because it was funny that I couldn't figure out how to get the truck to start) it took me a minute and then I looked at his hands and he was holding the most beautiful ring. Although, the rain ruined what his initial plan was, it was a moment I will never forget and the best night of my life thus far.

Here is a little Sneak Peak of our trip to California on the blog later this week (taken with my phone) :